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Specific services

  • FOG – Full Outturn Guarantee on Weight (Weight Guarantee Services)
    With this service, Cotecna provides the client with a guarantee covering possible shortages that might occur between loading and unloading. The client will be compensated if there is any weight difference.
    Cotecna will witness the loading and unloading operations in which the weight will be determined using various methods. The tariff for this service is all-inclusive: inspection during loading and unloading and the insurance.

  • Audits/ Traceability
    At the client’s request, a complete evaluation of the supplier is carried out before placing an order. The range of audit services extends from reviewing a check list to the production process and the management systems.

  • Monitoring of Aid
    Supervision of funds originating from donations (Government, International Development Agencies, International Institutions, etc.) destined for specific projects in developing countries in the areas of agriculture, health, transport, education, etc.

  • Project Supervision
    Planning, conformity and cost levels can be checked at various stages according to the requirements of the client/institution.

  • International transport and logistics services
    Cotecna France offers specialist services in security matters to professionals in the field of international transport and logistics in French industrial and port zones. The main inspection services cover the areas of:
    i) merchant vessels, barges and pontoons
    ii) logistics, maintenance, transit and containers
    iii) storage, movement and tracking of stocks

  • Fur monitoring
    In response to client demand, the IFTF (International Fur Trade Federation) has introduced the Origin Assured TM (OATM) label, a new fur labelling system, as part of its honesty and transparency commitment. Click here: Cotecna monitors for the Origin Assured ™ label of the International Fur Trade Federation.

  • Services for Agriculture, Textiles, Minerals, Metals, Oil and Chemicals

  • Services for Consumer Goods


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