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Commercial Inspections

Through our global network of inspectors, we are able to organise and carry out inspections in any city in Ecuador. Cotecna provides inspection services at the various stages of production and loading.

Faulty products are bad for business, as they usually mean dissatisfied customers, lost sales, operational disruption, reworks, withdrawal of products from the market, and even legal and safety problems.

Cotecna can increase confidence in the quality of the product by carrying out inspections during the early stages of the supply chain. We quickly report any discrepancy and help you during the action needed to resolve the problem.

We offer various types of inspection for the production sector:

  • Physical Security and Satellite Tracking of Containers
    A security and satellite tracking solution for containers monitored via an interactive network portal. Alerts if a door is opened are sent via SMS and e-mail if there is an incident, from the time of placement to the destination agreed between the parties.
  • Agricultural Inspections
    Cotecna has a worldwide network of specialists and laboratories and helps shippers, traders, end-users and government bodies assess the quality, quantity and integrity of their products.

  • Containerised Loading Inspection
    Doing a physical inspection of the conditions in containers prior to loading, and during the filling stages, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Delivering a set of backup digital photographs.

  • Vehicle Tracking
    Physical inspection of vehicles via a series of check points. This is to determine whether they have suffered any damage during the handovers of responsibility in the logistical chain, for both import and export.

  • Monitoring Production
    A monitoring service during all stages in the manufacture of certain products to ensure that the final product will satisfy the most demanding international conditions and standards for sale and export.

  • General Inspections
    - Inspection of Hoisting Equipment - Cranes
    - Tallying
    - Tank Calibration

  • Inspection of the loading and unloading of hydrocarbons
    A service offering independence and transparency in the inspection of hydrocarbons, using a team to carry out an operational watch on both the import and export of crude petroleum and derivatives, supplying immediate information and results on the vessel.

  • Loading and Unloading Flow
    A service to monitor loading and unloading flows, resulting in quantities received or delivered, ascertaining product quality and supplying a valid certification for any customer requirement.

  • Bunkering
    An inspection service to help resolve any discrepancy between the amounts of crude received and delivered, thus avoiding losses with regard to the amount of product billed.


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