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Computerized Risk Management System (CRMS®)

Cotecna’s CRMS® is internationally recognized as an innovative solution that can recommend the appropriate level of Customs intervention, taking into consideration the risk of fraud and the availability of human and physical resources. The system is a perfect complement to other Cotecna services, such as pre-shipment inspection, destination inspection and scanning activities, and offers revenue authorities a powerful tool for optimizing their activities.

What we do

  • Feasibility studies
  • Implementation of risk management operational structures
  • Setup of fraud reporting systems and processes
  • Design and development of a risk-scoring system using econometric modeling adapted to the local environment
  • Customized management of risk criteria and intervention levels
  • Centralized or distributed system rollout
  • Technical support and system maintenance
  • Full integration with Customs scanning and valuation services
  • Training and capacity building

The benefits

  • Reduces and targets the need for physical inspections
  • Facilitates trade by reducing costs and port congestion and speeds up import processing
  • Protects revenue through focused interventions based on risk level
  • Enhances security by directing attention to high-risk imports
  • Encourages importer compliance
  • Identifies and evaluates level of fraud risk


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