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Our Certification process involves the following steps:

  1. Definition of the Certification scope
  2. Application for Certification, by submitting Form 4301: Application for Certification
  3. Pre-audit (optional): Diagnosis of your current compliance with the standard
  4. Initial Certification Audit (two-stage audit)
    Phase 1: document review of the readiness of the organization.
    Phase 2: assessment of implementation
  5. The certification is granted for three years, based on the successful results of the certification audits.
  6. To verify the maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, Follow-up audits are conducted during the certification period
  7. After 3 years, the company must go through a recertification process to maintain their certificate.

Following each step results in the quick delivery of a complete report, which will allow your company to continuously improve the performance of their Management Systems.

Complaints, Appeals and Disputes

Customers or other interested parties that wish to document an Appeal, Complaints or Disputes against a decision or action taken by Cotecna Certification Services during the certification process must submit their written intention and send it to the Certification Manager with the respective evidence to support it. With all the documentation, Cotecna’s Certification Manager will analyze the case to determine appropriate action. The complaints, appeals and disputes process will be treated in maximum 15 days after their receipt.

Certification Information

To request for Certificates Issued please write to:

[Reveal email address]

Procedure Documents

For more information, please consult the following procedures (Spanish only):

Or contact us at: [Reveal email address]


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