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Policy of Impartiality

Policy of Impartiality 2994

Quality Policy

Our vision is to be the best worldwide provider of testing, inspection and certification services

To this end, we must provide our clients with the highest quality of service, so as to meet their individual needs and exceed their expectations. In so doing, it is our intention to be recognised as a highly professional inspection company by our own clients and by the business community in general while providing innovative solutions and tailor-made services that improve and secure the trade environment and deliver added value for our customers

This will be accomplished by:

  • Regarding Quality as an essential management tool,
  • Maintaining and continuously improving a Quality Management System that complies with relevant requirements, including providing a framework within which quality objectives are established and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Making sure that all in the Company share the same quality goals, and have the means to achieve these,
  • Developing and maintaining a high level of staff motivation through suitable in-house training schemes, involvement in process design and the sharing of responsibilities,
  • Communicating the client’s view of our performance to all company levels,
  •  Consolidating our internal knowledge through the promotion of in-house research and technical exchange

BASC Security and Control Policy

COTECNA policy is to prevent drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, internal conspiracies and other illicit activities that can be carry out throughout our operations, even more because we are international trade facilitators; through the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of BASC Management and Security Control System within our activities of inspection, verification and certification.

Continuous improvement is our commitment and it has been established through the ongoing review of the risks in the value chain, continuous staff training and implementation of new technology.

Occupational Health and Security Policy

COTECNA DEL ECUADOR S.A., is a company that provides inspection, testing and certification services, is committed to occupational safety and health of its staff, customers, suppliers and the public in general by generating the best conditions of safety and occupational health in order to reduce occupational hazards that can cause incidents, accidents or illnesses.

This will be achieved by the following commitments:

  • Assigning the financial, human and technical resources to ensure that activities can be performed safely.
  • Complying with the national and international occupational safety and health legislation.
  • Engaging the staff to comply with the regulations and standards on occupational Health and Safety
  • Identifying, measuring and evaluating risk factors, in order to establish a control and monitoring plan. Provide safety equipment to the staff.
  • Promoting a continuous improvement process.
  • Training all the staff about the compliance on Cotecna’s occupational health and security requirements and regulations.
  • Ensuring that contractors, suppliers and staff comply with Cotecna’s occupational health and security regulations.
  • Guaranteeing the safety and health of workers while they perform their work inside and outside the premises of Cotecna del Ecuador SA


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